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Greg Shraiman

Chief Instructor

My greatest inspirations are my students. They are the strongest motivation I have. By watching them learn, achieve their goals, seeing them conquer obstacles, and solve problems makes me better and inspires me to keep doing what I am doing.
​I have a few heroes in my life. First and always, have been my parents. They have guided me to the person I am today. My martial arts hero, and the main reason I am in Martial Arts, is Bruce Lee. I am sure he is the icon for many people all over the world because of his dedication, not just in his training, but also his teachings and introduction of Martial Arts. I always believed that who we are, is not just what we do today, but how we will be remembered by others. I would like to be remembered by my students as the person who helped them become good and successful in their lives.

Monica Jacinto


I’ve always wanted to learn martial arts since I was young, and I thought to become an elementary school teacher when I grew up. As I got older, the desire to teach became stronger. I enjoy teaching and constantly finding new ways to make learning fun.My hero is and always has been my mother. She has inspired me to constantly do my best. With a combination of my colorful personality and what I have learned from Mr. Greg, I hope to inspire and motivate my students as they have been a true inspiration and motivation in my life.

"When the student is ready, the master will appear"

-Chinese Proverb

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