The Secret History of Shaolin Kempo

By Greg Shraiman


In order to know the art of kempo, you must first learn the history and traditions of the art.
Chinese historians claim that military manuals and documents dated from 206 b.C. To 220 a.D. Point out that han emperors funded the study of kung fu. A chinese physician, dr. Hua t’o was also credited as the founder of the first martial arts style around 220 a.D. T’o designed exercises to relieve stress, tone the body, and provide self defense modeled on the deer, bear, bird, tiger, and monkey.
There is a saying that “the foundation of all martial arts is shaolin.” the shaolin meaning “young pine tree forest” temple is the spiritual and technical source of all modern martial arts. The first shaolin temple of songshan was built in 377 a.D. For religious training and meditation only. Martial arts training did not begin in the shaolin temple until 526 a.D. With the arrival of ta mo. Ta mo created a system of 18 dynamic tension exercises, known today as the lohan 18 hand movements. Ta mo developed a simple self defense system to train shaolin monks who travel between temples in china, formosa, japan, and india.
The ideals of religion and martial arts were a thin line between self defense and non violence to the shaolin monks. Shaolin monks broadened the lohan 18 hands to 170 movements to make shaolin kung fu a more effective fighting system. In 1644, manchurians from mongolia “manchu hordes from the north” invaded china and gained complete control in 1662. In 1736, the manchus decided they wanted to destroy the songshan shaolin temple. Only five monks escaped and formed the hung family league in fukien province to keep the shaolin traditions alive. The five shaolin ancestors’ study focused on moves and attributes of the five shaolin animals: tiger, dragon, snake, leopard, and crane. The five shaolin ancestors felt all people possessed what each animal form represented. A shaolin monk, gee sim aided the development of modern shaolin kempo.
During 906 a.D. To 1911, chinese masters influenced martial arts in japan and okanawa. Some japanese warrior monks formed the basis of ninjutsu and were the first ninjas

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