Self Defense

United Studios of Self Defense teaches Shaolin Kempo, a mixture of different Martial Arts combining various traditional Chinese, Japanese, and other styles, including elements of grappling, wrestling, take-downs, and boxing techniques. Shaolin Kempo is based on five animals: tiger, leopard, crane, snake, and dragon.

Kempo is unique in that it adapts to your build, personality and spirit. The old Kempo masters showed their wisdom when they proclaimed that in a light for your life, you should use what you know best and forget about the sanctity of the style.

It is easily understood, and beginners will learn effective self defense they can execute from the start of their training.
​Everybody has their own reason(s) for coming to United Studios of Self Defense.

Some of the advantages are:
  • Learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones

  • Self Discipline

  • Physical fitness

  • Meditation

  • Philosophy

  • Stress release

  • Learning Traditions and Cultural Experiences

  • Health and longevity

  • Develop new friendships

  • Improve coordination and balance

  • Build confidence

  • Integrate your mind, body & spirit

At USSD, we believe whatever your reasons are to study Martial Arts, the end result will be a stronger, healthier you.

"The glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall"

Chinese proverb

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